Friday, 5 June 2009

The Final Destination Trailer Released

Ok so like most of the elitist horror fans out there, I have a tendencey to frown on most modern horror, pining for the days when everything wasn't CGI and effects were more hands on, with such cynical views coming mainly as the result of being forced to sit through far to many unwanted remakes of classic horror films and blood free (and usually scare free) slashers.
Still one franchise has continued to entertain me from it's first entry and that is "Final Destination" which see's it's forth installment released in August and having just watching this newest trailer I really can't wait!

One thing, which I'm especially relived to see is that David R. Ellis, is returning once again to the directors chair, especially seeing how he did such a great job with "Final Destination 2" while also directing one of my (numerous) guilty pleasures "Snakes on a plane".
True it is slightly disapointing that Glen Morgan and James Wong, have choosen not to continue the series, but by the looks of the trailer it seems that there are a whole new set of inventive death scenes to enjoy, so here's just hoping that the censors don't start demanding cuts in these scenes, which honestly like the traps in the "Saw" series have been one of the main selling points of what so far has been a great series, even if in the past they have been accused of being predictable, when it comes to the death scenes, but I'll trade predicatability anytime, especially if I'm going to get a decent payoff, which so far this series has yet to fail me on.
My only slight grumble I guess is the use of 3D, which is currently once again, the film gimmick of the moment and hopfully won't mean just an excuse to throw stuff at the screen, especially as I will no doubt be having to watch it in 2D, as my local cinema's arn't overly big on getting behind such trends.

So all I ask now is that Ellis not screw up a franchise and just keep the same formula, which has made the first three films so special to me.

Gory deaths + Varied locations + Predictable yet Gooey endings = Good Times for all!

Simples eh?
Well lets atleast hope so!

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