Elwood's Essentials

Collected here are all the post from my on going "Elwood's Essentials" feature where as the title openly states, I look at the films I consider to be essential. True I could have just done a list of my favourite movies, but rather than face being lumped with a list of movies which would shadow me forever let alone the fact, I could see it getting real depressing kind of quick, committing to a month long series of posts gushing over my favourite movies, in much the same way that you tend to get bummed out super quick, when you try to make a mixtape of just pop songs.

So here is not a definitive top movie list, but these are certainly the ones I consider to be essential

1) Destroy All Monsters
2) Ninja Scroll
3) Iron Monkey
4) Dogma
5) Battle Royale
6) Se7en
7) The Wrestler
8) Paprika
9) Gremlins
10) Magnolia
11) Chef
12) Scream
13) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
14) Donnie Darko
15) Wayne's World
16) Princess Mononoke 
17) The Crow

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