Thursday 2 May 2019

End of Book One...

Hey folks and welcome to end or more precisely this chapter of the "From The Depths of DVD Hell" saga as while Blogger has been it's home for the last eleven years, the time has come to close the book and move onto greener pastures to continue this journey.

For far too long I have been unhappy with the look of the blog and the generally unweildy tools the platform provides only resisiting the urge to move due to the connections I had made with you my dear readership and the good friends I have made since I started out expecting to be writing for a year and then move onto somthing else only to continue finding great pleasure in hunting down films, while expanding into podcasting which has only added to the journey.

This blog will not be going anywere as while I could transfer the content across I would rather keep it here so that it can continue to be enjoyed by anyone who still wishes to read them and start on the new page afresh.

So don't fear this is far from the end as the journey continues HERE

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