Monday, 14 December 2009

Regular Service Will Resume Shortly....

Okay, so some of you might have noticed that I havn't wrote anything in awhile, which is largely down to my current work situation. Regular readers will know already that I work for "Borders" possibly one of the best book chains on the high st......well it used to be, as a couple of weeks ago the company was put into administration, with the company being put up for sale as we looked for a buyer, which as the weeks has passed has become increasingly more unlikely meaning that I will soon be unemployed, which is a real rosey thought this close to Christmas.

With the company entering into administration, we have been selling off all the stock aswell as the furnishings, which has lead to a whole heap of vultures coming into the store, the majority of which couldn't have given two shits before about us, but now can't wait to get through the door and buying stock cheap and generally making the lives of the staff (even more) miserable.

Needless to say this whole situation hasn't exactly made me a fun person to be around, especially when my career aspiration was to always work for Borders, making me feel even more lost now, especially as I see these vultures trashing the store on a daily basis. This in turn really killed my desire to do anything, but now I feel that it has been too long since I posted anything and plus I have a whole pile of random films, waiting to be watched and wrote about here, so this is basically a post to say that I'm back and will hopfully get a new review posted over the next couple of days.

Another project I'm hoping to happen for this first christmas here on the blog, is to hopfully have some cross blogging happening, with writers from other blogs submitting thier throughts on thier favourite film to watch on Christmas Day, the kinds of movie that you put on, after putting yourself into a food induced coma, so if anyone is intrested in taking part let me know and we will see if we can make somthing happen.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your current situation, EJ. I went thru a similar process when the restaurant I worked for closed unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. I've got a new bar to work at, but I'm the new kid on the schedule, so it's hard. I hope it all works out for both of us :) Positive thinking...

    I'd love to guest blog for ya, if you feel so inclined, all you got to do is let me know. Let's do this and forget about our job woes for the time being.

  2. Sorry to hear it Elwood, Hope things turn around at Borders.

    BTW my Email's on my profile. I'd love to participate drop me a line and let me know when you'd want it.

  3. Lo Elwood, my Email's on my profile. I'd love to participate drop me a line and let me know when you'd want it.

    Sorry about Border's I hope things turn around.


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