Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The WTF? Book Club

In an attempt to kick start some interest in cult and obscure fiction and thanks largely to the inspiration provided by Jenn over at "Cavalcade of Perversions" who no stranger to some of the books in question, has been making her attempts to showcase great cult fiction. Sadly most of these books usually get overlooked in favour of whatever the latest fad is or perhaps what ever happens to be in the top 40 list.

So to help promote this shared personal mission to get more folks reading, I have launched "The WTF? Book Club" were at the start of each month we will nominate a book to read, with a discussion to be held at the end of the month for everyone to share their views and opinions. Aswell as this I will be aiming to post a full review of that month's chosen book here on the blog. Aswell as this I will of course I will also welcome links to any fellow bloggers posting reviews of the book and hopefully spark some cross blogging discussions aswell.

The hope is that this group will help introduce those whose reading consists of more than what's currently in the top 20 list, find some new authors and read books you might not have heard of as over the course of the coming months, we will be looking at books from a wide variety of genres from social satire and horror to Bizzaro fiction and maybe even a few which will that make you stop and say "What the f**k is wrong with this person?", as we feature books by authors like Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahunik, Katherine Dunne, Edward Bunker, Charles Bukowski and more.

So why not head over to the Facebook page and join in the poll to choose our first book selection to be read in August.

Welcome to the club!

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