Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to Christopher Walken Month...Ohh and We Are Five!

I can hardly believe that it has now been five years since I set off on this blogging adventure with the original idea of just looking at bad movies, which shifted focus around the point of the first “Final GirlFilm Club” I joined, which caused me to unwittingly changed the focus of the blog to cult, foreign and obscure cinema and generally everything in-between, as the blog became more of a love letter to the cinema I love than just a study of bad movies.
So after five years of watching and reviewing at times some truly horrible cinema, am I tired of these movies? Honestly I can’t say that I am, especially considering the watchpile of DVD's taking over one corner of my lounge and while I still might question my own writing skills, it still has truly been a blast to write about these movies, which frequently lurk under the radar of the general movie going pubic. In doing so I always hope that I’m opening up some kind of channel debate (of possible anonymous abuse) to help introduce more people to these film aswell as for the established fan base to discuss them further and frequently give me new insights into films I never knew of, which has just proven to be one of the many surprising rewards which have come with writing this blog, like the friendships I have sparked up with other members of the cult & horror cinema blogging community, who have not only taken me as one of their own and frequently supported the blog over the course of the last five years, to them all like anyone who has stopped by or left me a comment, I thank you all.

So to celebrate another year here on the blog I wanted to do a themed month, were I would get to explore one of the roots of my cinema obsession and in particular and actor who has held my fascination since the first time I saw him and hence why I have chosen to make January “Christopher Walken Month”

Ever since I first saw Walken in “A View To A Kill” one of the more underated Bond movies, which for the longest time growing up was my all-time favourite despite many Bond film regarding it as one of the worst, but I was hooked and something I have to really say was down to the sheer screen presence of Walken as the megalomaniacal technology mogul Max Zorin intent on destroying Silicon Valley. Since this early first exposure to his work I generally will give any movie a watch if it features him in its cast I will give it a watch and considering his body of work stretches to over 100 movie and TV shows there is plenty to choose from, while Walken rarely refusing any role he is offered due to viewing each role as a learning experience, it is nothing short of being a mixed bag to say the least.
So over the course of this month I hope to delve into this back catalogue and examine the sheer variety and depth his career has shown, while as always open the door for any reviews, essays or other Walken related materials you wish to submit in the spirit in the month.

So thank you once more for all the support and hope you can join me for what is certainly set to be an interesting month of film watching to say the least....dance us off Christopher!!


  1. I'm a huge Walken fan, so I'm very excited to see what films you review and your take on them.

    1. "Welcome to The Jungle" or "The longrunner as I think it's known in the states will be one of the first films along with "King of New York"

      If your in need of a Walken kick in the meantime you can find my review of "Balls of Fury" here which is possibly one of his stranger roles.


      I'm welcoming submissions aswell which will help give a good overview of his varied career, just send me the links and will get a submission page made up

  2. Looking forward to you Walken month! Glad I'm not alone in loving A View to a Kill...also one of the best Bond songs.


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