Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gotta Watch Them All: A Thousand and One Cult Movies

One of the most problematic issues for anyone looking to get into cult and obscure cinema, is often finding somewhere to start. Even more so when these two words cover such a varied films from a huge variety of genres, it can often seem quite daunting especially when it comes to finding the films worth watching.

Still while the “1001 Films To See Before You Die” list contains quite a few cult movies, it’s publishers would sadly only reach 101 when they compiled their list dedicated solely to cult cinema, a paltry amount and one I was sure could easily be beaten.

So teaming up with some of my favourite movie bloggers and self confessed cult cinema addicts, we set about creating a 1001 movie list of our own, only one dedicated to cult and obscure cinema, with the intention of creating a list which would not only form a great introduction to new fans of the films we loved, but also give the established fans a fun check list of titles to work though.

So after spending the last couple of months debating and arguing over what titles should make the list we finally compiled our list, which this weekend was unveiled over at “Mad,Bad, and Downright Strange: A Thousand and One Cult Movies” which has been setup to host the list.

The intention now the list has been established is to link the various titles to reviews posted by not only ourselves, but our fellow cult cinema bloggers aswell as our hope for this project being that it only further highlights the wealth of writing talent currently working within this field, while sharing the love for these movies.

So why not check out the list and see how many you have seen and maybe find some future viewing! 


  1. Thanks Emily and if you have any review links for any of the titles, just e-mail them across to me and I will add them, especially seeing how you helped put the list together. Can always just link up titles using your blog archive if you happy for me to do that.

    If anyone else wants to submit links I'd be happy to link from your blog archives, if you just let me know.

  2. Gotta get writing! I was gonna ask ya - there are plenty on there we came up with that I've already written about. Shall we link to those or write some new content?

    Excited to be a part of this!

    1. No you can submit review links you have previously written aswell as new ones.

      Seeing how many films are on the list, it would be insane to have everyone writing brand new reviews for these films, when no doubt their original review was great to begin with.

      Looking forward to see what everyone comes up with, as the cult cinema blogging community is such an untapped resource of critical awesomeness!


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