Friday, 4 May 2012

Making the Star Wars Trilogy Even more fun!!

Awhile back we saw the re-release of the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy on Blueray, meaning that fans could replace the dusty VHS & slightly less dusty DVD copies with shiny new Blueray editions. This news had some more frenzied fan boys queuing outside my local HMV for five days before the release, so that they could be the first to get their sweaty little hands on them.....guess they didn't see the pre-order sign. You also have no idea though how hard it was to just resist the urge to turn up when HMV opened and just push right in front of them.

However as much fun as the trilogy is, its fanatical fanbase also pose the great problem of having to sit in a movie theatre while the guy behind you, smarms away, quoting all the lines before they happen, while the whole experience feels like it is missing something. So between myself and several other equally fanatical fanboys and girls we devised in these screenings a way to make them even more fun, in a Rocky horror Picture show stylee, some of the steps of which I will now cover, to help bring an anarchic sense of fun to any screening.

1) Throw Salt to drive away the foulness of Jabba "the huge slug" Hutt.

2) Mimic Imperial Stormtrooper behavior by shooting a large water pistol at a person two feet away from you. And missing.

3) Hurl flaming teddy bears at the scene in disgust at the abominations that are Ewoks

4) Jettison the contents of asthmatics' inhalers in order to ease the troubled breathing of Lord Vader

5) Sing The Muppets theme tune along to Yoda's wise and venerable wafflings. ("It's time to face the dark side, it's time to get it right")

6) Shiver uncontrollably and yell, "Brrrr!" as Han is put in the freezer.

7) Hold up a Bounty Bar in honour of Boba Fett.

8) Fall asleep with excitement as Luke enters the magic tree on Dagobah

9) All Happily shout: "Over here Son! On Me 'ead!" as R2-D2 is spat out with little dignity, by the swamp monster

10) Go to the first showing of "Empire Strikes back" and come out loudly saying, while walking past those waiting for the next showing

"Who'd have thought Darth Vader was Luke Skywalkers dad!!"

It's almost guaranteed that some one won't have seen it and really upsets small kiddies...cruel maybe but amusing. Most definitely

The trilogy can also be turned into a fun musical experience with jolly songs such as

* Let's do the Hyperspace Jump again

* Hot Tatooine

* Dammit Jabba


* Science-Fiction dodgy Jedis

I mean what could be better than singing along with your fellow fanatics?!?

For anyone whose a "Doctor Who" fan though, you can always sit thru the trilogy pointing out bit-part actors and going,

"He was in Doctor Who....So was he....He was in it three times..."

Candidates include Michael Sheard, Julian Glover, John Collis, Don Henderson, Jeremy Bulloch, Dave Prowse, Garick Hagon and to get the Whovians really excited, Peter Cushing.

So there you have it a basic guide to making the Star Wars Trilogy a more fun interactive experience.

Now has anyone got any ideas for the prequels??

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!!!

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