Sunday, 15 February 2009

Let The Madness begin

I guess for the first entry it's probably best to explain the reason for this blog which came about, as a by product of my new years resolution and what did I choose for my 2009 Resolution?? Well originally I had planned to give up passive chain smoking, but I had to admit early on that, it was never really going to happen, so the next I thought how about watching one musical a week for the year, seeing how I've never seen the appeal of musicals outside of the few decent ones like "Calamity Jane" & "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" but this then put me in the position of going slowly insane, as I'm sure that it's not healthy to watch that many musicals in anyone persons lifetime let alone a year!
Finally how ever I came up with my resolution which for this year will be

"To Watch One Bad Movie A Week"

That's right I will be watching 52 bad movies over the course of this year and posting the review for each one as part of this blog, a challenge that like watching too many musicals could very much drive me insane.So what defines what a "Bad Movie" is? Quite simply what I will be classing as bad movies are the films, which saw limited cinema release if any at all and are more than likely straight to DVD efforts, the kind that fill the gaps in the rental racks of your local Blockbuster (or where ever you happen to rent from), those cheaply and often badly made movies that most people avoid like the plague and strange homeless folks who want to sell you some dog they've found and the same kind of movies adored by sites like "Cold Fusion Video" & "".

What is the point you might ask? Well how many times have you come in late (no doubt from a heavy night of drinking), or been flicking through the channels to find some obscure movie, that turns out to be a really great movie and no doubt it's been one of those B movie style movies were the plot is non existent, the effects are dodgy as hell and the scenery almost as shaky as the acting, yet some how it manages to rise above all of this and be better than alot of the mainstream movies, that you often waste your hard earn bucks on seeing, only for them to turn out to be a major disappointment.

So from Zombies, badly dubbed kung fu and men in monster suits I will be hunting down the most obscure and bizarre titles I can find and all in the name of my new years let the crapfest begin!!

P.s: If you want to recommend any titles for my watchlist please feel free, as I'm more than open to ideas.

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