Thursday, 26 August 2010

And now for a brief interlude.....

Hey all,
Well this is really just a post to explain why there might be a bit of a gap before I post anything new here, which is largely down to being in the middle of moving house, so is bad enough trying to shift a few hundred assorted DVD's and VHS tapes, let alone my on going arguments with SKY to get my Broadband back online.

So as I sit here amongst the moving boxes typing this out, it's really because the last thing I would want is for anyone to think that I have finally been driven over the edge by some of the random films, I have exposed myself to since I began this blog and just thought bollocks to it all and packed it in, but fear not as this journey is far from over for yet and I want to thank everyone who has supported the blog and hopfully it won't be long before I can get something new posted.

Now to figure out how to move these darn boxes!!!


  1. Did the house moving thing myself three years ago. Freakin' stressful! Good luck with the move, hope you settle in well, and shout up when the blog's back up and running.

    Best wishes,


  2. Yeah not the most fun of things to do, especially when your a collector of pretty much anything! The last move was worst when I moved in with my Wife back when we were dating. Having just carted all my stuff down from Birmingham, we then got offered a larger flat the next week, just as I got unpacked ironically and worse still only had three days to pack it all up and shifted, so atleast this time I've had more warning.
    Hopfully won't be off for too long, but will no doubt be dumping a whole load of new material on the blog when I do get the Broadband back on.


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