Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Elwood's A-Z of Asian Cinema: Introduction

Finally the house move has been completed, the boxes emptied or more accurately hidden away somewhere I can't see them, in the hope that perhaps they will just sort themselves out, but more importantly, I'm back and ready to head once more into the depths of cult, foreign and obscure cinema, while also looking at anything that falls in between.

So wanting to kick things back off with something special and inspired during a one of the more duller moments at work, which for anyone who has ever worked in a call centre will tell you, is pretty much 99.9% of your day, but it did however inspire the idea of putting together my "A-Z of Asian Cinema" a 26 review jaunt through the genre of cinema, which first sparked my obsession with film and what essentially forms the backbone of this blog and it was this desire to highlight not only key films in the genre, but also create what I hope will be an introduction to some of my readers, to some of the most interesting, exciting and in some case just darn random films out there and far more than just Kung Fu, Giant Monsters and Creepy long haired girls crawling out of TV's, which is not to say that none of the above won't be making an appearance, along with possible even more randomness, but hopfully by the time this latest feature has been finished I will have the basis for a great introduction to newcomers looking for a place to start, aswell as possibly finding one or two titles, which surprised even the grizzled veterans of the genre.

Now to just quick this all off!

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