Saturday, 21 March 2009

Is "Bitch Slap" cashing in on a trend

I shud this entry by pointing out that I'm a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, who for many is a director who peaked with "Pulp Fiction" while for many like myself he is a director has continued to pay tribute (or plagurise depending on your view point ) to some of the lesser known and often more grimier genres of cinema with his films and I guess it was only a matter of time after the release of "Grindhouse" a film, which I'm still kinda bitter over if only for the reason that it never saw a UK release, with the Weinsteins losing thier bottle and splitting Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror" and Tarantino's "Death Proof" into two seperate movies, rather than let the UK fans enjoy the double feature we were promised and kind of defeating the idea behind Grindhouse.
Still being the pop culture icons that Tarantino's films are and the invevitable copycats which tend to follow each of his films, often with hit and miss results with the occastional standout such as Doug Liman's "Go".

So what would follow in the wake of Grindhouse?? Well one film that's keen to tap into the same genre, which Tarantino and Rodriguez drew thier inspiration is "Bitch Slap" which in perticular seems to be heavily based on films like Russ Meyers cult classic "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and "Dragstrip Girl"

Judging by this trailer, it's no doubt destined for a guilty pleasure pile in the DVD pile, even though the obvious use of green screen is slightly worrying, let alone how it's been shot with about six diffrent styles, just going off the trailer alone. Still it's was set for a January release this year, which so far seems to have failed to materalised.
Still in the meantime while I ponder wether seeing more films, going for the grindhouse feel, being a good thing or not, I picked up "King Boxer" which stateside had the slightly better title of "Five Fingers of Death" and even inspired a record of the same name. What's better is that the recent Region 2 release of this Shaw Brothers classic, comes with a commentry track from Tarantino which knowing what a fanboy for asian cinema he is, should hopfully be worth a listen.

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