Saturday, 15 August 2009

We all play games, so don't we play together?

So having finally got around to hooking my Xbox up to Xbox live, I have noticed a number of things

1) There are alot of seriously angry people online, who take thier gaming WAY too seriously
2) It's like a mecca for racists (especially on GTA 4)
3) Some people have alot of time on thier hands, seeing how I have encounted some scarily good gamers.
4) Apparantly being 26 is classed as being old, seeing how I got called Grandad by some kid.

But of course I'd much rather be playing against you guys and maybe exchanging some film junkie banter, while I no doubt lose badly..... so if any of you lot also play online and fancy playing a game sometime why not add me.
Gamertag= Film Freak 99

Just mention the blog with your friend request, which also helps me indentify your requests, from those frequent random ones, which keep filling up my mail box.


  1. The angry gamers are those kids who are just entering their teenage years and their superior gaming skills are all they have to make them feel good about themselves.

    Especially X-Box gamers :O

  2. I'm not the world's greatest gamer, as I tend to play for fun, though it's true some people take it way too seriously.

  3. Wow yeah you just need to get a good computer and do comp games. 360 is gonna be ridden with teenage fodder. So when you get a PC grab a copy of left 4 dead and half life 2 w/cs:s and we will have some fun.


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