Friday, 20 February 2015

Adventures In Podcasting #2

Time for another round up of my latest adventures in podcasting, presented here now as one big ole boxset of movie talk goodness.

The "Mad, Bad and Downright Strange Showcase" is my podcast were I invite bloggers, film makers and fellow film junkies to help me work through the 1001 film introduction to cult and obscure cinema which is the "Mad, Bad and Downright Strange" list with each show seeing my guest picking one or two films from the list to discuss.

MBDS Showcase #4 - May / American Mary

Vern (Vern's Video Vortex) joins me in the studio to look at two ladies putting their surgical skills to very different uses.

First up we have Lucky McKee's directorial debut "May" which brings a unique spin to the classic "Frankenstein" mythos in which the titular May, sets out to make herself a friend using the body parts of those around her.

For the second half of this editions double feature we look at the Soska Sisters (The Twisted Twins) critically acclaimed follow up to their grindhouse esq debut "Dead Hooker In A Trunk" with "American Mary" as the sisters turn their attention to the world of underground surgery and body modification.

All this plus we discuss cosplay ideas, forming a blogger band and ten minute triangle solos!!

MBDS Showcase #5 - Le Samourai / Branded To Kill

Will (Exploding Helicopter) joins me to look at two very different yet highly influential Hitman movies.

Kicking things off is Jean-Pierre Melville's acclaimed "Le Samourai" which see Alain Delon giving a memorable performance as Jef a hitman who lives by his own samurai style code of honour and who after a hit goes wrong finds himself being pursued by both the cops and his former employers.

Next up is Seijun Suzuki's Yakuza drama "Branded To Kill" were Goro (Joe Shishido) the number three killer in Japan with a fetish for the smell of boiling Rice. However when he botches a hit he soon finds himself marked for death.

All this plus exploding helicopters, the importance of Quentin Tarantino, aswell our attempts to get your votes for the LAMBcast MOTM.

MBDS Showcase #6 - Kaiju Gaiden / Destroy All Monsters

David Hall, Producer and Director of the forthcoming documentary "Kaiju Gaiden" joins me for this latest episode to talk about his debut film recently funded through Kickstarter.  Aswell as discussing his film he also finds time to talk about his movie tastes aswell as sharing his thoughts on the the Godzilla classic "Destroy All Monsters".

All this plus the winner of the LAMBCAST MOTM revealed, feisty leading ladies and some serious Kaiju fanboy obsessing!!

MBDS Showcase #7 - Alt. Christmas Special

It's that time of year once again, were we can dig out all those movies which take shall we say a more warped view of the festive season.

Emily Intravia (Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense / The Feminine Critique) joins me once again to discuss the festive slashers "Christmas Evil" and "Silent Night, Deadly Night", while at the same time finding time to highlight some of her other festive favourites.

MBDS Showcase #8 - Ghost in the Shell / The Evil Dead

Brandon Tenold (Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews) makes his podcast debut on this episode to discuss two of his favourite films from the list.

First up is the Anime classic and highly influential "Ghost in the Shell" in which cyborg cop Major Kusanagi hunts with her team for an illusive hacker called the Puppet Master.

Also discussed is Sam Raimi infamous and controversial debut "The Evil Dead", in which a group of friends accidently unleash an ancient evil with memorably gory results. A film which not only created a Launchpad for his directing career, but also for b-movie legend Bruce Campbell as well, while we also look at its long lasting legacy.
All this plus Saturday morning cartoons, questionable cash in's, the video nasties scandal and much more!!

** Sorry about the sound issues at the start, which I hope won't affect people enjoyment too much **

MBDS Showcase #9 - Dead Hooker In A Trunk / Phantom of the Paradise

Kicking off the 2015, author (Wake Up, Maggie)and one half of the Feminine Critique podcast Christine Makepeace making her debut on the show.

First off we have the Soska Sisters* neo-grindhouse debut "Dead Hooker In A Trunk" which sees four friends life thrown into chaos and confusion upon discovering the titular dead hooker.

In the second half of the show we look at Brian De Palma's flamboyant rock opera "Phantom of the Paradise" were several classic horror stories including "Phantom of the Opera" and "Faust" are given a unique Rocky Horror style twist.

All this plus we discuss the state of genre cinema, Mumblegore and the appeal (or lack off) of teen dance movies and more!!

*Apologies to the Twisted Twins whose surname I also mispronounce.

MBDS Showcase #10 - The Brood / Magnolia

The "French Toast Sunday" invasion of the show continues with this episode as Jess joins me to discuss the David Cronenberg's early body shocker "The Brood" aswell as P.T. Anderson's three hour LA epic "Magnolia"

All this plus Hitchcock, psycho children, the career path of Jake Gyllenhaal and much more!!

* Apologies for the sound issues with this episode, which were the result of a recording screw up I didn't discover until I came to edit it.

MBDS Showcase #11 - Little Shop of Horrors / Legend

Todd Liebenow (Forgotten Films) joins me for this latest episode to disuss Frank Oz's all singing and dancing remake of the Roger Corman Classic "Little Shop of Horrors" aswell as Ridley Scott's dark fantasy "Legend" featuring not only an unrecognisable Tim Curry, but also an early leading role from Tom Cruise.

All this plus we pit two movie years against each other with 1984 Vs. 1999, Discuss the art of Puppetry, boyhood crushes and show some serious love for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" plus so much more!!

MBDS Showcase #12 - I Spit On Your Grave / Pink Flamingos

February is "Women in Horror Month" so its perfect that I'm joined first this latest episode by BJ Colangelo (Day Of The Woman) to discuss two of the more controversial titles on the list.

**Warning: Do Not Listen If Of A Sensitive Nature**

First up we have the notorious Rape Revenge Horror and former video nasty "I Spit on Your Grave". We also look at John Waters's midnight movie favourite and Filth Opus "Pink Flamingos".

All this plus the Video Nasties scandal, the legacy of Divine, feminism within the horror genre and so much more!!

Make sure to regularly check my podcast page for new episodes, while any feedback would be great, especially if your interested in being part of future episodes let me know in the comments section below.

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