Friday, 1 May 2009

Childhood Fears Redefined By Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine is clearly a gentleman, who prefers the darker side of life, which is clear from his latest collection of photos, which focus on the theme of Childhood fears.
I shud start really by thanking Jay over at "The Horror Section", for originally finding these pictures, the full set of which you can find on Joshua Hoffine's website, which has already recived it's fair share of intrest from the members of the horror blog community and with good reason, as not only his work fantastic to look at, it's also creepy as hell.
Still while it seems that with most of the pictures he has choosen to look at familar childhood fears, such as creatures under the bed and in the closest, aswell as my own personal fear of clowns (darn those freaky bastards), he has also expanded the theme, looking at several of what I can only assume are his own personal fears, while also it would seem paying tribute to the horror genre, with the clown fear especially reminding me alot of Stephen King's "IT".
Still if you enjoy slightly less tradtional photography, I can highly recommend his current work, while looking forward to seeing what he has planned for his next project.


  1. My friend and I went nuts over his stuff at Weekend of Horrors in Chicago. Then I come home and buy the new Rue Morgue and he's featured in there. Definitely an artist to watch. His photos effectively give me the creeps - even better that he uses his own daughters in his work :)

  2. I agree he is an artist to watch, even if he does have the advantage that his work is, made so accessable with it's links to themes popular, within the horror community.
    It will be intresting to see what his next theme will be, or to see if he just expands on this theme.


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