Friday, 22 May 2009

A quick update

Okay, this post is to mainly explain what is happening with "Ozploitation Month" which I started out with every intention, of getting done and wrapped up by the end of this month, which as those of you, have seen that the end of the month is fast approaching and so far I have only really looked at two films, which honestly is pretty crappy and basically is down to having not had time to review more films, due to the usual reasons I guess which prevent me from writing, such as my day job aswell as having the same days off as my fiance, who continues to endure my attempts to fill our flat with random films and Godzilla collectables.
thanks to my random shift patterns it is often a pretty rare thing for us to have a day off together and honestly, I'd rather spend those days off with her, than just writing which is what I tend to use the days off, that she is at work for.
I will still be reviewing the films, that I planned to with this month, it just means that my look at the Ozplotation genre will now go into June, making it less of a month and more of a season of films.

I know I could have continued posting and not said anything, but I feel that it's always better to tell you all the truth about these things, so please accept my apoligies for this slight hicup and I just hope that you (like myself) are all enjoying so far this random trek through the lesser known side of film history.

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