Saturday, 24 December 2011

Alternative Christmas - Submissions and Other Great Reads

Hey All,

Well first off I want to start by saying thanks to Jenn over at the amazing "Calavade of Perversions", who not only has supported this blog since it's early and confused beginnings, but also sent me the groovy Christmas card you see above while regualrly hunting down the most random and obscure films to review for her blog, while still finding time to heavily feature her cats.

Here though is what I am sending out as a Christmas card, especially as it's alot more amusing than anything Hallmark currently had to offer.

So as I sit down to write this we are now just one sleep away from Food induced coma's, wrapping paper strewn living rooms and questioning how well your love one's really know you when it comes to thier gift choices.....I mean how many pairs of socks and dodgy jumpers does one person need?!?.

As you know December here on the blog we are celebrating an "Alternative Christmas" while opening the floor to anyone who wanted to submit reviews, essays or any other kind of musing on Alternative Christmas Movies, so here are the submissions that I have recived so far, aswell as other articles I have dug over the course of the month, all now collected below for your reading pleasure.

"Alternative Christmas" has not been restrained by myself to this blog alone, as it has also leaked over to my "Cinema Obsura" column over "The Life And Times of Lucy In Da Sky With Diamonds"

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Emily at "Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense" has been checking out some of the cheesest and god awful Christmas Movies to ever try and cash in on the Holiday with her series of "Cheese In Your Stocking Reviews

Direct To Video Connoisseur


"Knifed In Venice" has gone all out this year with this hefty haul of reviews

Thanks to everyone who has submitted links so far and if I have missed any "Alternative Christmas" reviews leave your links below and join in the Cross blogging fun!

In the meantime have yourself a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!!


  1. Glad you liked the card! Merry Christmas!

  2. Ohh definatly it currently has pride of place on my bookcase :)

    Hope your having a good Christmas too!


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