Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Strangely Beautiful Character Posters of Nymphomaniac

While I might tend to keep this blog largely review focused, rather than cluttering it with news updates and daily musings, it was the release of this latest collection of character posters from the maverick director Lars Van Trier's  latest offering "Nymphomaniac" which filled me with the urge for this post, if only to collect together this curious yet strangely beautiful collection of posters.
A saga of flesh and sex in which Charlotte Gainsbourg plays Joe, a young woman recounting her sexual history after being found beaten in an alley, the film is currently be set to be released in both a soft and explicit cut, while also being developed as a two film project in what is certainly one of the more intriguing forthcoming releases, with this new poster only adding to the curiosity.
Slated for a curious Christmas Day release in Norway and Denmark, the rumour mill is currently hinting at a XXX release in Cannes. In the meantime though why not enjoy these posters which only further highlight the tantalising mixture of talent involved, so why not let me know which one is your favourite.

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