Monday, 15 February 2010

Celebrating One Year In The Depths of DVD Hell

Wow I can barely believe that it has been a year since I started writing this blog, as part of my continuing obsession with Cult, Foreign and Obscure cinema aswell as pretty much everything in between and it’s honestly been a blast writing it, even if my output hasn’t been as constant as some of my fellow bloggers (especially with the post count currently standing around 71).
Still I’d like to thank all of the readers of this blog, for their support over the last year and for their various comments and feedback.

So to help celebrate year one here are the top ten things I have learned while writing this blog.

1) The Australian film industry is an severely overlooked source of exploitation gold, as discovered during “Ozploitation Month”, let alone the fact that it’s a genre also home to several little known Australian Kung Fu movies.

2) Killer Sharks are the best way of getting your low budget thriller seen, which in all honestly no one would have watched, had it not featured them, while no doubt jerking the audience around who are watching only because they want to see some gore, only to find themselves watching a bigger tease than Resident Evil (Shark Swarm). Also just because your film has the promise of a ropey monkey costume it doesn’t always guarantee fun times (Bride of the Gorilla)

3) There are some things that even the presence of William Shatner can’t even save especially when they contain one of the longest and most drawn out climax’s to a film ever! (The Devils Rain)

4) My childhood fears just got a whole lot more creepier thanks to the photography of Joshua Hoffine, who is no doubt also responsible for the whole bunch of new fears of everyday life I have

5) It is never a good idea to have your James Bond style leading man, being played by a man like Jimmy Wang Yu, who views women as being less than dog muck. More so when he is plucking flies from the air and eating them during the filming of romantic scenes (The Man From Hong Kong)

6) Never trust well spoken Orphans, let alone those with retro fashion tastes. (Orphan)

7) Just because you started out making a porno spoof of a popular film, it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn it film which rivals it’s source material, after all who is going to notice the phallic shaped ship, or such subtle creations like the Penisaurus (Flesh Gordon)

8) Abe the alien really enjoys dancing in bookshops, while his friends from Pendragon also made going to work on a Saturday a lot more entertaining

9) The Japanese Western is an under appreciated genre (Sukiyaki Western Django)

10) “Sky High” by Jigsaw is without a doubt one of catchiest records ever made, even more so than Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” which thanks to “Glee” is now pretty much stuck in my head until I hear this song. (The Man From Hong Kong)

Well that was the top ten for Year 1 and as I now enter into the second year, it already promising to be another random year, just looking at the pile of films still waiting to be looked at. I will also be launching soon into “Kaiju Season” a celebration of giant monsters destroying Japan, aswell as taking a look at the latest release from “Quirk Classics” who are releasing a prequel to the hugely popular “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” which takes the form of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls", which will be no doubt interesting to see how their first completely original release works out.
This second year will also hopefully see a series of debates between myself and various members of the horror blogging community, which is being hosted by “The Horror Bloggers Alliance” with the first debate asking the question as to whether “20 years is too soon for a remake” with my stance being squarely against the remakes, which to continue to flood the market, as studio bosses continue on their quest for easy cash.

So in the meantime thanks again for reading and supporting this blog and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading as the madness only continues.


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